An archival black card box containing new and exclusive work by Autumn Richardson & Richard Skelton.

Archival box {225 x 170 x 40mm / tipped-in cover plate}
Eight handsewn pamphlets wrapped in tissue paper:
Bearer {A. Richardson / 16pp}
Boreal {A. Richardson / 12pp}
Domain {R. Skelton / 16pp}
Four Wing {R. Skelton / 16pp}
Multitude {R. Skelton / 12pp}
Rill {R. Skelton / 16pp}
Rowk {R. Skelton / 20pp}
Traces {A. Richardson / 12pp}
Eight A5 prints on 300gsm aquarelle paper
An A6 Rill postcard
An impressum card
A 5ml glass phial of “Three Trees” incense

An edition of 21. Each exemplar is numbered, signed and bound in muslin.

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