Reliquiæ, an annual journal of poetry, short fiction, non-fiction, translations and visual art, edited by Autumn Richardson & Richard Skelton.

The inaugural issue includes the following:

– Two strange tales from Mark Valentine, including a new work, “For She Will Have Her Harvest”, about the graveyard poet Henry Kirke White.
– Noor de Winter on birch trees, music and the “artist-as-listener” in the work of of German expressionist writer and instrument-builder, Hans Henny Jahnn.
– Two poem sequences by Richard Harms – “Salt”, an 18th-century sea-voyage in five parts; and “Wing”, a naturalist’s minutely observed depictions of Australian bird-life.
– Autumn Richardson’s translations of a quartet of Inuit songs collected by Danish explorer Knud Rasmussen.
– John Hutchinson on the “imaginal world” of Sufi mysticism.
– Richard Skelton’s elegy for the now-extinct grey fell fox.

In addition to these there are Knud Rasmussen’s account of Simigaq, an Inuit woman from Greenland, and the songs she shared with him; a Finnish legend from R. Eivind; Richard Jefferies on the miracle of hawks gliding; Wazha’zhe & Meskwaki myths; poetry by Francis Ledwidge; a selection of Manx folktales from Sophia Morrison; poetry by Christina Georgina Rossetti; a Greenlandic Inuit creation myth and two stories from W.B. Yeats.

Issue One is completed by a portfolio of Mark Brennan’s oil paintings of the wild landscapes of Canada.

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