Reliquiae Volume Three


Autumn Richardson & Richard Skelton (Eds.)
Reliquiae Volume Three

Richard has work in the forthcoming volume of the Corbel Stone Press annual literary journal, alongside Æ (George William Russell), Olive Bray, Hans Brückner, Alexander Carmichael, Basil Hall Chamberlain, Thomas A. Clark, Edward Clodd, Ken Cockburn, Don Domanski, Alec Finlay, Ross Hair, Kabir, Tim Lilburn, Gerry Loose, E.J. Moor, Rob St. John, Rabindranath Tagore, E. Tickner Edwardes, Mark Valentine, Chris Watson, Gilbert White and W.B. Yeats.

Works include: an abridgement of Gilbert White’s journals, a translation of Goethe (with Hans Brückner), and a poem-elegy for the badger, taken from his forthcoming Little Toller Monograph, Beyond the Fell Wall.

Reliquiae Volume Three will be published in November 2015, but is available to pre-order now.

All customers who pre-order before October 1st will receive their name printed in the journal’s ‘thank you’ section.

The first 200 customers who purchase Reliquiae Volume Three will receive four beautiful art cards featuring colour reproductions of the cuckoo, raven, swift and yaffle.