The Men Have Gone


Richard Skelton
The Men Have Gone

A special edition to mark the publication of Richard’s Little Toller Monograph, Beyond the Fell Wall. The booklet contains a new poem that picks up where the book left off:

The wall covers its face in grasses.
Stone by stone, the field falls free of its grip.

Bracken, nettle, foxglove and countless others
gather in the wings, waiting for the silent rattle,
eager to root between bone and marrow.

The men have gone. Once they gave the wall this imperative:
contain, restrict, enclose. ‘Tie the knot of possession tight.’
A rope thrown around a thought paced out in rods and chains:
this ground, which has roamed free of itself for millennia,
is now caught and branded. ‘Maim the river, if it interferes.’

The poem is accompanied by stills from the film of the same name, Beyond the Fell Wall, and the edition is completed by a collection of wall-poem-cards derived from the booklet’s text, and an Inward Circles EP I have heard a music and it is delirious, which contains an extended reworking of the film soundtrack.

Edition of 26.

Published by Corbel Stone Press.