Sustain-Release 10th Anniversary Collection


10th Anniversary Collection

This beautiful box is released to mark the 10th anniversary of Sustain-Release, the private press label run by Richard between 2005 and 2011. Produced in an edition of 10, it contains all the work he published through Sustain-Release along with the five albums he has published since 2013 in the Archival Series ~ an ongoing collection of previously unreleased and reworked recordings.

All the recordings are presented in the original, 16bit 44.1khz uncompressed WAV format on a 16GB USB flash drive. The accompanying cahier-stitched booklet contains essays from Tony Herrington, Andrew Male, Steve Barker and Richard himself. There is also a fold-out discography page, a dedicated colophon card and an assortment of unique printed matter, all presented with a French silk enclosure.

Sustain-Release, 2005-2011

SRL01 Heidika ~ There Is No Cure & Other Songs (2005)
SRL02 Carousell ~ A Dead Bridges Into Dust (2005)
SRL03 Harlassen ~ A Way Now (2006)
SRL04 Carousell ~ Landings (2006)
SRL05 A Broken Consort ~ The Shape Leaves (2006)
SRL06 Riftmusic ~ Riftmusic (2007)
SRL07 A Broken Consort ~ Box of Birch (First Edition) (2007)
SRL08 Clouwbeck ~ A Moraine (2007)
SRL09 A Broken Consort ~ Crow Autumn (Part One) (2007)
SRL10 Heidika ~ Tide of Bells & the Sea (2007)
SRL11 A Broken Consort ~ Box of Birch (Second Edition) (2008)
SRL12 A Broken Consort ~ Crow Autumn (Part Two) (2009)
SRL13 Carousell ~ Black Swallow & Other Songs (2009)
SRL14 Richard Skelton ~ Landings (2009)
SRL15 Clouwbeck ~ From Which the River Rises (2010)
SRL16 Richard Skelton ~ Marking Time (2011)
SRL17 Clouwbeck ~ Wolfrahm (2011)
SRL18 A Broken Consort ~ Crow Autumn (Collected) (2011)
SRL19 Various ~ Dyad (2011)
SRL20 Various ~ *Skura (2011)
SRL21 Richard Skelton ~ Rapture (Reprise) (2011)

Archival Series, 2013+

AS001 Riftmusic ~ Riftmusic (Part Two) (2013)
AS002 Richard Skelton ~ Ivystrung (2013)
AS003 Richard Skelton ~ An Ash-tree Which the Ignorant Call Holy (2013)
AS004 Richard Skelton ~ Form Themselves Into Streams (2014)
AS005 Harlassen ~ The Neckar Blues (2015)

Published by Corbel Stone Press.