Harlassen ~ The Neckar Blues


The Neckar Blues

Fifth in the Archival Series of Richard Skelton’s work, ‘The Neckar Blues’ was originally recorded in 2008 as the follow-up to ‘A Way Now’ (SRL03). The original recordings have been extensively reworked in 2015 to create three new ‘blues’ variations.


1. Blues (i) (10.36)
2. Blues (iii) (12.12)
3. Blues (iv) (10.36)

Total Running Time : 33m 24s

The neckar (or simply ‘neck’) is a water spirit of Germanic folklore and literature:

“Cold in the God’s-acre
Sadly he lays his
Bride and her little one
Under the daisies

Where by the marshes
Boometh the bittern,
Neckar the soulless One
Sits with his ghittern.”

(Sebastian Evans, 1865)

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